Simple Bot Creation with QnA Maker

Note: this blog assumes you have used Azure to create services in the past

The problem

One of the the most compelling scenarios for a bot is to add it to Facebook. A Facebook page is rather static. Finding information about a business on a Facebook page can be a bit of a challenge. And while users can comment, or send a message, the only replies they’ll ever receive is from a human, meaning the owner of the small business needs to monitor Facebook.

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Providing help through DialogAction

One of the greatest advantages of the bot interface is it allows the user to type effectively whatever it is they want.

One of the greatest challenges of the bot interface is it allows the user to type effectively whatever it is they want.

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Determining Intent Using Dialogs

What did you say?

Bots give you the ability to allow users to interact with your app through communication. As a result, figuring out what the user is trying to say, or their intent, is core to all bots you write. There are numerous ways to do this, including regular expressions and external recognizers such as LUIS.

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Getting started with Bots

Introducing the Bot Framework

One of the most common phrases when I’m talking about technology for end users is “meet them where they’re at.” A big reason applications fail to be adopted is they require too large of a change in behavior from the users in question, having to open yet another tool, access another application, etc. We as humans have a tendency to revert to our previously learned behaviors. As a result, if we want to get our users using a new process or application we need to minimize the ask as much as possible.

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Running Ragnar

Our finish photo at Ragnar
Long road relays seem to be all the craze in running these days. Considering the basic concept is you get a bunch of your friends together and cover 200 miles in shifts, the appeal is pretty obvious. Well, obvious to runners anyway. ;-) Chances are if you’re a runner you’re familiar with this style of race, and you’re probably considering doing one. I just finished my first, and while I’m certainly no expert, I did learn some lessons that I wish I’d have known about before the race. So, I’m going to share them with you.

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Simplest Thing That Works

I remember working for a .NET development shop back in 2005. .NET 2.0 was still in its nascent phase, and the team I was on was still relatievely new to .NET. We were all trying to figure out best practices, object design, etc. But we were good developers, and knew that it’s always best to go with libraries and frameworks that are already written, ones that will simplify the task at hand. The library that was popular among the team was CSLA.

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Grandmas Marathon


18 months. That’s how long it’s been since my last marathon. I’ve battled many an injury: shin splints, back issues, and IT band, the last of which sidelined me since last January. It’s been a long struggle back, and fortunately I have many friends who’ve given me more love and support than I could possible ask for.

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Anonymous Methods, Lambdas and LINQ

… oh my!

Lately, one of the most common questions I’ve received from my students is, basically, “What in the world is this syntax, and what does it mean?”

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SharePoint Playground

The playground – it’s not just for kids any more.

Getting users into SharePoint, and comfortable using SharePoint, is key to any successful implementation. One of the best ways to encourage users to use the product is to empower your users to use SharePoint as they see fit. And while you probably have a formal training program for your users where you’ve taught them the skills they need, where do you users go to play with things after they’ve left the classroom? The answer – a playground!

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