I’m a self proclaimed geek who never lost that childhood love for technology. Since my father brought home a Vic-20, I’ve had my hands on a computer of some variety. I spent more hours during my teans on a Commodore 64 than I care to remember, both playing games and banging out code.

I managed to turn this love into a career. For about 15 years I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and spent my workdays helping people get up to speed on technology, and how to fix the issues they were having at work. During that time I freelanced a little, creating websites and SharePoint applications, and dabbled in a little SQL Server.

In 2014, Microsoft Learning Experiences made me an offer, and I packed up the proverbial truck and moved to Seattle. Most recently I shifted roles to that of a developer evangelist, but still with a learning and sharing focus.

These days I’m still a web guy, with a foot in OSS, but I really just love to play.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I can be found spending time with my wife, our four legged child (dog), running many miles, or on a yoga mat.