Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making the Move

I don’t know that I’d refer to myself as a prolific blogger quite yet, but I certainly have been more diligent about keeping my professional blog up to date more often than I have in the past. Even still, I just wasn’t happy with BlogEngine.NET – not that it’s a bad product mind you. It’s simply because I fall victim to the same fate many IT professionals do – the cobbler’s kids have no shoes.

I keep having these grandiose ideas of putting together my own blogging platform, or configuring BlogEngine to look exactly how I want it to look, or adding on all the widgets that I want or, well, you sort of get the point.

So why Blogger? Why not, say, Office 365 with me being the SharePoint guy that I am? See above – I wanted something simple and turnkey. I was able to get Blogger up and running and configured to roughly how I want it in about an hour, and that includes reposting all of my old posts[1]. It was also a platform that I’m familiar with, as that’s what I use for my personal blog[2]. And lastly, I wanted an environment where I’d better be able to manage my spam.

For my readers, I thank you for keeping up with me, and hope you’ll follow me over here.

[1] Although that was mostly due to the wonder that is Live Writer.
[2] No, I’m not going to link to my personal blog from here. You can find it if you like, it’s not that hard. While I don’t try to hide my personal online presence, I do make a clear distinction between this is what I do for work and this is what I do in my off time – not that I’m really all that risqué.

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