Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TechEd 2011

For the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to work the biggest annual Microsoft conference, TechEd. Generally I’ve worked in the Cram 4 Exam area, where I’m able to assist attendees in their certification goals.

This year I was the lead for both the Study Hall, where attendees could take practice exams, and the Cram 4 Exam area. This meant quite a bit of work (I don’t know that I’ve slowed down yet). It also meant I was all over the place.

I was also able to present 4 separate sessions this year:

SQL Developer MCTS Cram4Exam
SharePoint Administration MCTS Cram4Exam
SharePoint Developer MCTS Cram4Exam
Certification 101 (I costarred with Dana Calleja)

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but for my SQL and SharePoint presentations, I held the first, fourth and fifth highest scores for all Cram4Exam sessions. :-)

If you’d like, you can download the slide decks for my SQL and SharePoint crams from my SkyDrive. As for the Certification 101, you can actually watch that here.

I must add here that I frequently hear from developers that they’re not interested in certification. I think this is a shame. One of the greatest parts about becoming certified is the opportunity to learn more about the product. Frequently when you’re head-down in a project you’re not able to work with all of the features available to you. The certification exam will test you on the entire product, which will help expose you to things you never knew were possible – and maybe the solution to a problem you’ve been working on. Plus, it never hurts to have certification on the resume.

If you’ve never attended a TechEd, you really need to consider going to Orlando. It’s a great place to learn about current and new Microsoft products, not to mention the networking opportunities. And hey – you could even meet me! :-)

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